We would like to wish all our customers and contacts a very merry festive season!

This year CPB won’t be sending Christmas cards or gifts. We will be donating our Christmas budget to Help and Hope for the Homeless - a voluntary organisation which, helps the homeless and rough sleepers in the West End and Hertfordshire.


Run by Shoshana and Lloyd Gilmore, Help and Hope for the Homeless supplies food, clothes, and other essential items to those that desperately need support, people that otherwise may be forgotten.


Volunteers go out every week of the year to offer support and solace to some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Help and Hope not only provides food, clothing, sleeping bags and other essential items, volunteers are also on hand with emotional and well-being support. Via the organisation the homeless can access advice and support. The website provides information on animal welfare, information on soup kitchens and shelters, advice for veterans and information on healthcare, including for those suffering from mental health challenges.

Please consider making a donation to support this valuable work.