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Data Intelligence:
Connecting you to your next customer

CPB UK, in partnership with ProspectaBase connects you to 122,000+ IT stakeholders and 155,000+ IT influencers across the UK&I, with ample segmentation capabilities to define a target market and buying personas that are the right fit for your business and value proposition.

ProspectaBase is the only database to filter data by network component, ensuring that each selected organisation aligns with your technology focus.

  • Number of network users

  • Server count

  • Virtual server count

  • Data volume

We give you more ...


The database also takes it one step further by allowing you to understand which vendor solutions your target end users have already invested in across their:

  • Data centre

  • IT Security

  • Cloud

  • Networking

  • Telephony

  • Applications

  • Plus much more

CPB UK data intelligence via ProspectaBase database
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