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CPB holds accurate, reliable, intelligent , GDPR ready data including contact and infrastructure intelligence. As an IT industry marketing services agency we use this data to deliver compelling campaigns for our clients.

As long standing, experienced players in the B2B marketing field, we recognise our responsibility to maintain the veracity of our data to protect individuals and our clients.

We strive to build dependable, authentic and transparent relationships with our clients, always providing assurances that any campaigns booked, or data purchased is of the highest integrity.



The General Data Protection Regulation is the single most important piece of legislation to affect the direct marketing industry. It strengthens the rights that EU individuals have over their data and creates a uniform data protection law across Europe. Its impact is far reaching and has caused the direct marketing industry to re-evaluate its approach to the collection, storage and usage of personal data. It affects both B2B and B2C data and is designed to protect the individual from improper use of personal data and provide them with more control over its use.

Since 1998, CPB UK Ltd has been one of the UK’s leading suppliers of B2B technology data and marketing intelligence. We recognise the importance of running a credible business which uses data with integrity and responsibility. The protection of personal data is paramount as well as being set within a legal framework, one which, it should be noted, the UK will still be adopting GDPR (under the new DP Act) when we leave the EU.


Our partnership with ProspectaBase, the UK’s most accurate IT database, gives us unprecedented access to technology market intelligence. ProspectaBase data can be segmented based on contact details, installed infrastructure, network component, PC users, IT decision makers and a wealth of other IT criteria and buying personas.

We work with B2B data, and recognise we have a huge responsibility to maintain its veracity. In so doing we strive to build dependable, authentic and transparent relationships with our customers, always providing assurances that any campaigns booked or data purchased is of the highest integrity.


CPB’s legal basis for processing data

We process all data in line with the GDPR basis of legitimate interest, which is the most appropriate legal basis for the B2B marketing industry, as defined by the regulation.

Recital 47 of the GDPR states that “The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest.”

Article 6.1(f) of the GDPR states that the processing is lawful if it is: “Necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third-party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual which require protection of personal information, in particular where the individual is a child”.

It should not be forgotten that when an organisation uses legitimate interests as the basis for processing, it is subject to appropriate balancing tests such as a Legitimate Interest Impact Assessment (LIIA).


Our data is GDPR ready

CPB supplies marketing data lists and data checking services via ProspectaBase. All our activities are compliant under GDPR rules. We deliver high quality campaigns and marketing intelligence in accordance with GDPR guidance. All our data is sourced, processed and stored compliantly and campaigns are conducted in line with GDPR.

We check all our telephone data against the CTPS every 28 days, and our email data is cleansed by our data scientists every 2 weeks. Contact data and data on installed technology, network components and company size information are updated every time we call a contact or cleanse a record.

Under the GDPR and PECR we are able to legitimately market to B2B contacts by telephone, direct mail and email using the basis of legitimate interest. All our contact records have the opportunity to opt out from receiving any further marketing.


Does purchasing marketing data from CPB/ProspectaBase, make my own activities GDPR compliant?


Our data is GDPR ready for your use for B2B marketing campaigns and is compliant with UK data protection law. Should you engage CPB to undertake a telemarketing or digital marketing campaign on your behalf you can be confident to be working within the law. However, should you purchase our data with which to run your own campaigns, we cannot be held responsible for your actions. You must ensure you are acting within the law. Terms and conditions for usage of our data apply, and these will be communicated to you by your account manager when purchasing. You must ensure that your chosen use of our data also adheres to all GDPR regulations and guidelines. Buying data from us does not absolve clients of their compliance obligations under the law.

Information on compliance with both GDPR and PECR (which governs electronic marketing) can be obtained from the UK Information Commissioner's Office


Whilst the GDPR has had a significant impact, it has not – as some feared – bought the industry to a standstill. CPB, in partnership with ProspectaBase, continues to deliver target data and expert digital and telemarketing campaigns for its clients.


ICO (Data Protection Act) registration number: ZA230015

CPB is a member of the DMA and the CTPS.

Data Protection Officer: Jon Pritchett.

You can reach him via our switchboard on 01295 263410, by post at Nortec House, 12 North Bar Street, Banbury, OX16 0TB  or by email.


Direct marketing is an exchange of values between business and customer. In our direct marketing activities we adhere to all legislative (and moral) expectations and regulations. As a result, our clients and their target customers are fully protected; only contacted according to their preferences, with relevant communications and on the basis of legitimate consent.


CPB is a corporate member of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), through which we keep abreast of industry trends and legislation such as the GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation, and ensure we are working within the law.


CPB is also a CTPS licensee, meaning we can check our customer’s data against CTPS registrations and, crucially, regularly update our own database. In so doing, we ensure we never breach CTPS rules. 


Furthermore, we abide by legislation such as the Data Protection Act (registration number ZA230015), the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), Caller Line Identification guidelines and any relevant Ofcom guidance.

As data protection regulations become tighter, we ensure data storage and usage is beyond reproach and adhere to and comply by GDPR / EU Data Protection regulations. The many vendor accreditations CPB agents hold also mean we operate to and comply with vendor best practices and standards.

As well as being expert in data CPB is also expert in data compliance – we don’t take any risks. CPB provides accurate, proven, clean data for your marketing campaigns.


For more information, including details on our cookie policy, please download CPB’s Data Protection, Data Privacy and Compliance document.

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