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Multi-touch marketing

Create brand awareness, engage new prospects

and gather qualified sales opportunities.

Multi-touch marketing lead generation results in highly successful pipeline generation campaigns.


Target your audience with consistent, layered brand messaging across a range of platforms and touch points to achieve prospect engagement.

Automated, customisable multi-touch campaigns enable you to act in a customer-centric way. Clever use of compelling and continuous communications develops strong customer relationships.


Multi-touch marketing gives your audience the ability to access your content on their terms. Furthermore, it enables you to nurture prospects based on preferences and previous behaviours, delivering personalised, relevant messaging.

Maximise the exposure of your campaign messaging


Build the right target audience through accurate segmentation to achieve personalisation and prevent over-messaging.


Use a blend of awareness and engagement communications to maximise campaign messaging.


Nurture your prospects with personalised, targeted follow-up emails. Be customer-centric.


Real-time, automated analysis and monitoring allows you to adapt and react to campaign trends and interactions.

We complement your campaigns with intelligent data

Find out more about IT end user contact data from ProspectaBase Ltd

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