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Bespoke end user data intelligence for the IT industry

ProspectaBase: Work

Designed for the

IT industry

ProspectaBase holds intelligent IT contact data on over 315,000 contacts and 106,000 IT decision makers. Data held includes contact data as well as key aspects of IT installations.


With records on 22,640 UK organisations with over 100 network users, ProspectaBase represents 94% of the UK's 100+ network users market. Through constant cleansing we continually strive to identify, and profile, organisations not currently held.

ProspectaBase is the only IT database to size by network component e.g.:

  • Users

  • Physical server volume

  • Virtual server volume

  • Total data stored


Data activities



Access physical mailing
addresses to target
prospects with compelling offers by post.



Get straight to your
prospect's inbox with
accurate, comprehensive
email contact data.


Follow up every
opportunity directly with unprecedented telephone contact details.



Combine all activities with a multi-touch approach,
underpinned by great data.


Data-driven marketing

Designed to accelerate end user focused marketing and sales strategies, use of ProspectaBase data allows you to send personalised content and timely, targeted messaging to your prospects.


The right contact data will help you build trust and brand loyalty. Data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to nurture prospects from top to bottom of funnel.

Size matters

ProspectaBase is the only IT marketing database to use size criteria based on PC/network users, server numbers (virtual and actual) and data storage amounts.

We offer a multitude of hardware searchable fields including storage vendor, server vendor and networking components.

The applications intelligence we hold includes:

  • Database software

  • Server virtualisation software

  • Storage management software

  • A host of security software applications


Simply the best IT contact data

Our data scientists can help

Visit ProspectaBase to find out more

“We thoroughly enjoy working with CPB UK - they are a delightful, hard-working and knowledgeable team.”
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