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Signing a Contract

Renewals management

Capitalise On Contract And Warranty Renewals

Contract and warranty renewals should be bread and butter. Happy customers stay loyal and only wander if they feel unloved, unappreciated or they get a better offer.

Renewals should be a formality but are often overlooked due to the amount of effort versus reward.

Renewals might be considered a formality by your accounts department but they are not always big ticket items that bring in high ROI or earn the best commission. Sales teams can easily be distracted, or directed, away from such relatively small beer income by the bright shiny lights of new, high value business.

Why Use CPB’s Renewals Management Service?

We know IT.

We make a difference, and it's the difference that makes the difference.

Don't leave income on the table

Why outsource your contract

and warranty renewals?




Ensure continuity in customer contact and build loyalty

Free up your sales team to focus solely on strategic accounts

Cost efficiencies with up/cross sell opportunities.

We complement your campaigns

with intelligent data

Find out more about IT end user contact data from ProspectaBase Ltd

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