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What we do

We cause people to buy with data-driven, proven technology sales and marketing solutions

for the IT industry

At CPB UK Ltd, we run your pipeline generation and new client discovery campaigns so you can focus on running your business. We’re driven by technology, data, design and content to ensure we fulfil our key mission of helping clients achieve their goals.


We’ve been helping companies develop their brands, engage with prospects, achieve sales targets and fulfil sales funnels since 1998. Choose CPB and we can start elevating you to where you deserve to be.


We’re passionate about helping brands fulfil their pipeline generation potential.

CPB helps clients thrive in a challenging world and enables them to leverage their unique strengths to build a roadmap for sales funnel fulfilment success.

CPB UK's ultimate goal is to “cause people to buy” via old-fashioned human to human telemarketing; picking up the phone and having a chat with end users, gaining an understanding of their current set up, pain points and desires. From there, our fully trained and accredited specialist agents are able to offer a solution sale or introduce end users to new technologies. Once introductions are made, we plug the end user directly into the partner for conversion and closure.


We believe in a business to human communication and cold calling remains a crucial piece in the new business puzzle and will always be a testing role with an acquired skill set that is hard to successfully fill and sustain internally, which is why our clients generally opt to outsource such activity to CPB. We take the pain away as we fully manage activity setup including training, briefing, frontline calling, lead handover, feedback, ROI follow up, analytics and reporting.


Cold calling remains a key service our customers rely on us for, however, it has become significantly harder over recent years. The working day pace has picked up and end users don’t have time for cold calls. Receptionists and gatekeepers have become savvier, technology has developed to allow for agentless receptionists and unmanned mailboxes etc, and remote working means people are not able to answer a switchboard or office phone. Therefore, although our aim is to have a human-to-human chats, we have to be clever with the data we have to call into and how we approach this said data to get the best ROI for our clients.


Whether it be via intelligent segmentation from ProspectaBase, to create a focused data set or by warming the data up by creating brand awareness on our advertising tool TechKnow.Online, or digital marketing via mass or targeted email broadcasts we know how to take the cold out of cold calling and how to cause people to buy!



CPB facilitates business introductions.


Using the best UK IT contact data (via our sister company ProspectaBase), Our objective is to focus on sales development; to deliver IT pipeline generation and sales funnel fulfilment through a range of marketing services.

We raise brand awareness via multi-touch and account-based marketing campaigns, targeting and nurturing your prospects, using intelligent data and clever digital marketing to begin, intercept and close the buying journey.

CPB delivers data-driven technology campaigns for IT vendors, suppliers and distributors. We help you build relationships and trust, resulting in improved brand loyalty and better sales performance. 



CPB delivers IT sales pipeline generation activity working with the IT industry

delivering sales and marketing campaigns that spark imagination,

inspire prospects and encourage action.

Working as a seamless extension of your sales & marketing team, we uphold your integrity and credibility whilst improving sales pipeline growth and ROI via our team of expert, highly trained, tech savvy telemarketers.

No matter what your target audience or how granular you want to get, we support campaigns with the most accurate, comprehensive IT contact data in the UK.

CPB's data-driven campaigns combine telemarketing with digital marketing. We work closely with clients to develop integrated, intelligent campaigns.

Our expert telemarketing team holds over 100 accreditations from the world's top tech vendors. We speak with confidence about your products, providing a sound basis for your marketing campaigns.

Our team has the in-depth technical knowledge to act as your brand ambassadors; always up to speed with the latest innovations, product developments and USPs.

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