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Lead Generation and Sales Pipeline Growth;
We focus on 4 core areas using a business to human approach ...

No Limits Sales Pipeline Generation

There’s no formula for success. Every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to deliver campaigns that will connect them to their audience — that’s where we come in.

From strategy to implementation, we’ve got the answer.

Sales Pipeline Growth and Lead Generation

We offer a comprehensive range of IT pipeline generation sales and marketing solutions. We specialise in account-based demand creation that suits you; delivering personalised, targeted campaigns.

Targeted marketing:

We enable clients to access their audience by creating the initial contact and delivering qualified leads.

CPB acts as an extension of your marketing team ... working together to achieve the best possible sales funnel fulfilment results.

Data-driven campaigns:

CPB uses marketing automation and data from ProspectaBase to interact with prospects at all stages of the buying journey. We deliver personalised and relevant content to your target audience to develop and nurture brand relationships.

We capitalise on the right data to target the right people at the right time with the right information providing you with better prospect engagement. 

Human to Human Communication

DemandGen_telemarketing .jpg

Using the right tools to reach out to partners.


Let Us Handle Everything


Disseminating Your Message

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