CPB demand creation and lead generation

CPB focuses on eight core areas of demand creation services.

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing solutions for successful account-based marketing lead generation for the IT industry.

Account-based demand creation that suits you

Our account-based marketing approach delivers personalised, targeted campaigns. We combine automated, digital, multi-touch marketing with traditional ‘human 2 human’ telemarketing techniques. Acting as a conduit, we enable clients to access their audience by delivering them qualified leads.

CPB understands our clients’ products, objectives and messaging. We offer targeted demand generation campaigns to deliver hot prospects. This effective account-based marketing approach delivers on both inbound and outbound marketing objectives, resulting in high quality leads.

CPB uses digital marketing automation and obtains data from ProspectaBase, the UK’s most comprehensive IT industry database, to interact with prospects at all stages of the buying journey. In so doing, we deliver personalised and relevant content to the right target audience in order to develop and nurture brand relationships.

Through innovative marketing campaigns we create demand for your products and services. We capitalise on using the right data to target the right people at the right time with the right information to generate leads. A simple process but one which matches requirement with product to begin the sales cycle.

Account-based marketing

Multi-touch marketing lead generation

Account-based marketing aids specialist IT lead generation. Customers benefit from our attention to detail, personalized approach and tailored messaging.
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Renewals management

Renewals Revenue Can Help Build ROI

Our contract and warranty renewals service enables you to outsource the lower value business to a team of expert IT telemarketeers whilst your team focuses on big ticket sales and new logos.
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Digital & Social

Digital and social lead generation for IT

Our portfolio of digital marketing services and contact data from our chosen database partner deliver successful digital lead generation campaigns.
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White Paper

We’ll talk to the right people and discover what people really think and want, providing you with valuable information to inform your future strategies, product development and company direction.
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Event promotion

promote your technology event

Events promote new products or services and provide an agreeable environment for establishing business relationships.
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Sales Lead Manager

Account-based marketing

CPB’s Sales Lead Manager supports clients in successful prospecting by providing a real-time software solution for IT lead generation, nurturing and management.
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Multi-touch marketing

IT Lead generation services and uk data

Automated multi-touch campaigns maximize effectiveness. Reach out to prospects in a number of ways and via a number of channels, acting act in a customer-centric way.
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Specialist technology telemarketing

Picking up the telephone is still one of the most effective lead generation tools. Telemarketing makes a significant impact and is a vital component of an integrated multi-touch, account-based marketing solution.
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