Your website is your shop window to the world.  More than 2.4 billion people use the Internet every day. 90% of whom have purchased something, or contacted a company online in the last 12 months.

Identifying Website Traffic

How do you go about identifying website traffic? Having a website doesn’t close the loop.  Prospective customers will visit whilst comparing services and suppliers, but are you identifying website traffic whilst your pages are being browsed? Is your website captivating enough for them to make initial contact? Does it showcase your products and services? If not, visitors will leave, without you ever knowing that they were there.


Identify sales leads you never knew you had by turning your unknown website visitors into sales prospects with ProspectaTrace



ProspectaTrace is an automated, digital website tracking and monitoring tool from CPB.  It captures visitor behaviour and data, which enables you to identify otherwise anonymous visitors, providing the opportunity for additional lead generation.

ProspectaTrace specialises in identifying website traffic by harnessing the power of Lead Forensics, the UK’s No. 1 tool for identifying anonymous web traffic. We combine this with industry-leading IT intelligence and telemarketing techniques to provide a unique, lead generation service. We turn otherwise anonymous traffic into actionable leads

Lead generation services for IT

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Capture – Profile – Qualify

ProspectaTrace can be either a completely managed service or tailored to your needs by adopting any of the below elements.

  • Monitor and capture visitor behaviour and identify website traffic by giving insight on:
    • What visitors searched for
    • How many times they visited
    • Pages viewed and time spent
    • Buyer consideration
  • Categorise each visiting company and provide a detailed report including (where available):
    • Business name and address
    • Names, positions and email addresses of key IT contacts and decision makers
    • Telephone number (including DDIs and mobile numbers)
    • Infrastructure sizing intelligence – number of endpoints, servers, storage amounts
    • Hardware & software install – server/storage vendor, anti-virus SW, database, etc


  • Prospects that visit your website can be followed up by our expert telemarketing team.  We’ll identify opportunities and provide you with a fully qualified report, including:
    • Full details of the requirement(s)
    • Decision making process
    • Budget
    • Timescales
    • Agreed follow up; appointment / call-back