How do you undertake promotion for technology events?

Events promote new products or services and provide an agreeable environment for establishing business relationships.

IT event promotion

Events are a valuable asset in your marketing strategy but are also a huge investment. With all the effort put into planning, choosing a venue, deciding upon catering and booking guest speakers, you need to ensure that your event is marketed effectively and to the right audience.

CPB’s technology event promotion service is designed to take your event to market.

We live in a digital environment with end user engagement habits changing constantly. Activities to reach your target audience must now be more innovative and various channels should be utilised including digital, social, telemarketing and eMarketing.

Having worked with the IT industry since 1998, CPB’s agents have an excellent understanding of how to position and promote IT events to an end user audience. With exclusive access to ProspectaBase, the UK’s leading IT Industry end user database, each campaign is complemented with use of intelligence rich target data.

Utilising a combination of outreach channels (from digital to social and telemarketing), CPB markets your event to raise awareness and drive attendance.

Specific aspects CPB are able to support:
• Identifying potential delegates, companies and individuals
• Promotion to your target market
• Audience acquisition
• Nurturing of registrations until the day of the event
• Attendance confirmation and verification of turnout
• Post-event follow up and evaluation
• Post-event survey

How Do We Do It?

Step 1: Target your audience

Account based targeted marketing

Your target audience is approached by CPB’s agents via telemarketing. eMarketing & digital assets are also broadcast.

Step 2: Telemarketing activity

Specialist technology telemarketing

Contacts are qualified and registered via the telephone. Contact details are entered into registration landing page.

Step 3: Shout about it!

IT industry emarketing service

Weekly comms are set up, to be sent to each registered contact, keeping them updated on the event agenda, guest speakers, venue logistics, etc.

Step 4: Thank you!

Quality IT leads

A “thank you for registering” email is automatically sent to each contact’s email address.

Step 5: Forget me not!

Registration courtesy calls take place, as a reminder of the event. Reminder email alerts are also dispatched.

Step 6: Event day!

promote your technology event

Onsite and post-event activity commences; to include lead generation reports, event feedback and surveys.