Technology research and development. Vital for the the success of your business. Not only crucial for bench-marking your activities and products against your competitors but also for defining your target audience and unearthing their preferences.

Let CPB do the digging for you with its team of experienced IT marketing services agents. We’ll undertake surveys, market research, database development and audience profiling for you either through traditional telemarketing or our online system.

We’ll talk to the right people and discover what people really think and want, providing you with valuable information to inform your future strategies, product development and company direction.

How Do We Do It?

Surveys & Market Research

Technology research

Your target audience is approached by CPB’s agents via telemarketing. eMarketing & digital assets are also broadcast.

Database Development & Profiling

Database development and profiling

Contacts are qualified and registered via the telephone. Contact details are entered into registration landing page.