Delivering Better Data with Surveys and Market Research


CPB’s surveys and market research service is designed to gather the information you require and give an independent analysis of the results, from which you are able to make informed decisions. With exclusive access to the UK’s leading IT Industry end user database, ProspectaBase, each campaign is complemented by use of intelligence rich target data.

Whether the aim is to understand more about the wider market, or to monitor existing customer satisfaction; results and analysis from a properly thought out survey will equip you with intelligence to help structure your business strategy.

Surveys can be delivered via:


IT industry emarketing service


Specialist technology telemarketing

Direct Mail

surveys and market research

Results are analysed by CPB’s experts and presented back to you in an analytics report. We’re not just talking top level results, we deliver granular, detailed reports. If the results are being utilised as a thought leadership piece, CPB can also provide the results as a whitepaper for further distribution or syndication.