Where do you turn for specialist technology telemarketing?

CPB is a specialist technology telemarketing agency. We use an account-based marketing approach; providing clients with expertly delivered demand creation campaigns, saving them time and resources.

Why Specialist Technology Telemarketing Matters

Picking up the telephone is still one of the most effective lead generation tools in specialist technology telemarketing. Telemarketing makes a significant impact and is a vital component of an integrated multi-touch, account-based marketing solution.

To win new customers you need a unique differentiator. Talking to prospects is the best way to discover exactly how you can meet their needs. It’s not just about content, at CPB we believe it’s about conversation. Using an account-based marketing approach we contact people when, where and how they prefer, making communications personal and relevant, resulting in better ROI. Speaking to qualified contacts enables CPB to nurture prospects through the sales funnel quickly and proactively, resulting in rapid pipeline results.

What is more, we make smart use of data. The constant refreshing and building of the data in our data partner‘s database means we can deliver targeted, personalized, profiled marketing communications.

CPB’s telemarketing offering can include SMS. Text messaging is one of today’s most accessible forms of communication. Mobile phone use is ubiquitous and permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages is becoming increasingly popular with marketers.

CPB is extending its SMS service to complement and support other services such as event promotion, TechKnow.Online and AQL marketing.

CPB’s AQL service

AQL is another string to our lead generation bow; one where acquisition of leads is complemented by a calendar grabber confirming the web appointment, appointment or telephone call.

This distinction ensures that leads given to clients are 100% sound, having been confirmed using a remote mailbox feature. This prevents any ‘missed’ appointments as the lead has accepted and confirmed the appointment.

SMS communications are used to keep in touch with the lead, to send further communications such as product updates or datasheets and appointment reminders (this final element further cements the appointment itself). We find the risk of appointment slip is greatly reduced when adding SMS communications into the appointment setting marcomms mix.



Lead Generation

CPB demand creation and lead generation

CPB UK has been an industry leader in delivering lead generation campaigns for IT customers since 1998. Each campaign is complemented with usage of intelligence rich target data from the UK’s leading IT Industry end user database, ProspectaBase and delivers proven ROI for our technology partners.

Lead Nurturing

CPB’s strategic lead nurturing methodology is a long-term approach to cultivating and developing sales opportunities.

Lead nurturing aims to build a strong foundation and effective communication channel between customers and their target audience, providing a deep understanding of prospects’ needs and a wide view of potential opportunities.

Channel Development

Technology channel development

CPB’s channel development service is the ideal route for IT vendors and distributors who wish to identify and build new business partner relationships or simply to re-ignite partnerships that may have gone dormant.