Lead Generation Services

Lead generation services can be a bit of a black art. Really, it’s quite simple. Your sales teams should focus on selling, which is why CPB acts as your lead generation cog. We identify and qualify short-term sales opportunities whilst your sales team concentrates on selling. CPB focuses on demand creation with a view to lead generation that will provide superb ROI.

CPB demand creation and lead generation

Planning a campaign is simple. CPB works with you each step of the way, carefully designing and creating activity that’s right for you.

With over 20 years in the industry CPB has an abundance of knowledge of typical IT infrastructure. We understand challenges and pain points. We approach prospects on your behalf and ensure that both your company and your products and services are properly represented.

CPB is extending its SMS service to complement and support other services such as event promotion, TechKnow.Online and AQL marketing.

SMS is one of the most accessible forms of communication. Mobile phone use is ubiquitous and permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages is becoming increasingly popular with marketers.


Digital & Social Marketing

TechKnow.Online digital marketing for IT

CPB’s eNewsletter, TechKnow.Online, provides a unique opportunity to interact with an engaged IT audience. TechKnow is an IT industry news website and e-newsletter that offers independent news and views. We keep our subscribers up to date with all the best bits, bytes and announcements in the IT world. With over 180,000 subscribers, TechKnow.Online provides advertising opportunities, omplemented by ongoing social activity, supported by analytics to monitor engagement.


IT industry emarketing service

Using an automated eMarketing platform, CPB creates a seamless flow of email communications for end-to-end nurturing campaigns. Electronic communications are dispatched throughout the duration of each multi-touch activity to raise awareness, create engagement, promote branding and nurture prospects until they are ready for telemarketing follow up. Interactions, views and click throughs are identified via a granular analytics engine and our marketing automated platform ensures they enter appropriate email nurturing funnels.

Web Traffic Monitoring

Lead generation services for IT

Website traffic monitoring and analysis is vital to identify visiting companies and behaviours. Complemented by CPB’s exclusive access to ProspectaBase, we quickly identify IT contact names and infrastructure intelligence for the companies identified as having visited the website.

Multi-touch Marketing

IT Lead generation services and uk data

Using a combination of lead generation services and marketing techniques, CPB’s multi-touch campaigns reach a target audience with a consistent message in a variety of formats. This reinforces branding and messaging. A multi-touch approach maximises effectiveness by targeting prospects in a variety of ways at one time.