It’s time to consider an MQL Management Service.

Whether you use an internal telemarketing team, or have adopted an outsourced approach, a pivotal part of ensuring streamlined lead follow up is committing adequate time to:

  • Lead handover (from lead originator to the sales team)
  • Sales team efficiency (actioning next steps, dispatching a calendar grabber, sending introductory emails etc)
  • Making introductory courtesy calls (to further qualify information gathered from the lead report)

Your customers are busy people and any contact with them must be appropriate, timely and relevant. This can be a challenge when using internal functions and 3rd party agencies. External parties often have their own processes to adhere to, such as quality control and vetting of lead content, which can result in a delay of 1-2 days before a lead reaches your sales team. This may not sound like a lot, but at the early stage of prospect engagement, time really is of the essence!

CPB’s MQL Management service, combines expert telemarketing with your very own ‘personal assistant’ to start the lead management process as soon as a lead is qualified.

The MQL service works in parallel with our well-established range of telemarketing options, such as; lead generation, event promotion, channel development and lead nurturing.

Having worked solely within the IT Industry since 1998, CPB has developed a broad understanding of the technologies and the routes to market involved, as well as the intricacies faced in ensuring streamlined lead handover and follow up.

The MQL Management service has been designed to;

  • Bridge the gap between CPB’s agents and your sales team
  • Create a unified and transparent approach to lead generation and follow up
  • Give your sales team the best chance at penetrating new accounts/projects
  • Manage diaries and remote mailboxes to ensure meetings take place
  • Eradicate the classic scenario of an end user stating “I don’t remember ever speaking to anyone” when lead follow up is a little tardy

Marketing-Qualified Lead Generation Management Services

MQL Step 1

A campaign briefing takes place to plan your telemarketing campaign and agree on: your target data demographics, the proposition being taken to market, preferred call to action and lead timescales. During the briefing, collateral for any digital, social or emarketing activities that are running alongside the campaign are also agreed. This briefing is aimed at ensuring that the client’s expectations are in line with market expectations and what CPB believes is achievable.

MQL Step 2

The MQL Management process is scoped out. This involves discussing the following; the number of Account Managers that opportunities are being aligned to, agreeing on calendar sharing, setting up of a remote mailbox alias and the creation of a defined list of all necessary collateral and resources.

MQL Step 3

Timescales are agreed for all activities and a schedule for activity dispatch is created. This can include an onsite (or webex) meeting with CPB to meet your full delivery team.

MQL Step 4

A briefing document is prepared by CPB and circulated for approval. It is this that forms the basis for educating CPB’s marketing services agents on the campaign. Additionally, a data list is created, based on your target demographics. The list is shared with you securely for review and for all necessary exclusions to be applied. Finally, emarketing, digital marketing and social (if applicable) comms are set up, ready for dispatch.

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