Database development and profiling

Accurate and current contact data is paramount for the success of your campaigns. To interact and engage with your prospects you need to understand their preferences. This means really understanding how they tick. You need to get to know their personas through data gathering and profiling.


We work on your behalf to gather intelligent data. We take great care in obtaining the most up to date information on your prospects through focused telemarketing and detailed research into individuals, companies, infrastructure, and buying behaviours.

After our researchers have gathered all the information, our data scientists begin the profiling process. This finely tuned process gives you unsurpassed data accuracy and enables you to target your message to a very specific level, be that by individual, role, position, installed technology or interest.

It is this fine tuning that gives you the best chance of excellent ROI.

Typical objectives of a database development and profiling assignment include:

  • To build or refresh a database for future marketing activity

  • To augment an existing database with additional information

  • To segment a database



IT industry marketing and desk based profiling

Qualifying and quantifying basic information on contact details, business type and size, infrastructure, name of IT Director etc. Websites for the targeted organisations are checked for the required data, as are any pertinent reference sites such as online directories and social media (i.e. LinkedIn).

Telephone profiling

Specialist technology telemarketing

Ascertaining more specific information such as; number of seats on a network, installed software/hardware, incumbent supplier etc.

Data augmentation

Surveys and market research for the IT industry

CPB has exclusive access to the UK’s leading IT Industry database, ProspectaBase. If you’re interested in identifying key information on your target accounts, you may either utilise the aforementioned processes, or ask CPB to cross reference your target accounts with ProspectaBase intelligence. This will allow you to augment your list with updated company details, IT contact details and infrastructure intelligence.


  • Data captured is exported to our clients on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Records will be given a status such as Full Completion, Partial Completion or Refusal
  • An activity report can also be supplied to indicate how resource has been applied to the assignmentDatabase development and profiling