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  • Helen Pritchett

The process (and pitfalls) of causing people to buy

CPB is an IT specialist marketing agency, working solely in the IT arena. Typically, we work within the channel, using the traditional approach of picking up the telephone and calling end users on behalf of a partner or distributor. More frequently now we also support the other way assisting vendors or distributors with events and finding new partners.

Our goal is to ‘cause people to buy.’ It is our raison d’être. It’s what we live and breathe and have done for almost 25 years. We do this through good old-fashioned human to human telemarketing, picking up the phone and having a chat with end users, gaining an understanding of their current set up, pain points and desires. From there, our specialist agents are well trained and accredited (in a variety of IT sectors, products, and services) to be able to offer a solution sale or introduce end users to new technologies. Once introductions are made, we plug the end user directly into the partner, via the agreed pathway, set out calls to action at briefing stage and wait for confirmation of sales conversions. We see relationship building with prospects at an early stage as crucial to the capacity of partners to be able to close sales once warm introductions are made. We pride ourselves on handing over professionally qualified BANTa leads which become sound sales pipeline for our clients.

How does BANTa qualification work? It’s a process that enables us to create a solid and beneficial picture of a prospect’s position and buying strategy, so we know that either we are handing over a very warm lead, or we continue to nurture a potential lead until it is ripe for conversion by our client.

As experienced appointment makers, CPB agents ask all the right questions to get a true understanding of where a prospect stands. When following the BANTa process, we can identify not only whether a prospect really is interested but also whether they have an imminent, or a longer term need. Following a BANTa qualification process results in happy salespeople, and pipeline creation, as they know there is a real opportunity to be had.

Cold calling remains a crucial piece in the new business puzzle and will always be a testing role with an acquired skill set that is hard to successfully fill and sustain internally. Which is why our clients opt to outsource their vital go to market strategies to CPB, thus outsourcing the headache. CPB takes any campaign pain away as we fully manage the activity setup including training needs, briefing, frontline calling, lead handover, feedback, ROI follow up, analytics and full reporting.

It remains true that cold calling traditionally has, and will remain to be, the main factor customers rely on CPB for. However, as a marketing approach it has become significantly harder over recent years. CPB counters these potential difficulties with its vast database of direct dial and mobile numbers, meaning we can still get through to key decision makers. We maintain our aim of picking up the phone and having human-to-human chats, but we also recognise that we must be clever with the data we have to call into and how we utilise this data to get the best ROI for our clients.

To support stand-alone cold calling we advocate warm calling and to do this we don’t just rely upon telemarketing, we use a full range of multi-touch marketing strategies including a variety of digital marketing approaches, to enable us to get the best reach for our lead generation campaigns. Whether it be via intelligent segmentation from ProspectaBase, to create a focused data set cut on a particular vendor install, (IT specific sizing e.g., number of end points, network users or data amounts), or by warming data up (via bulk or dedicated e-marketing or by creating brand awareness on our advertising tool TechKnow.Online), we know how to take the cold out of cold calling, digitise up our marketing to meet modern communication methods and, ultimately, achieve our aim of causing people to buy!


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