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  • Helen Pritchett

Why Multi-touch Marketing is a No Brainer for your Next Campaign.

We are used to hearing that consistency is vital for successful marketing campaigns. Just think how the impact of a consistent approach to content, promotions and activity can be amplified by using a multi-touch marketing. Targeting your audience with consistent brand messaging across a range of platforms and touch points, using an MTM lead generation approach, results in highly successful campaigns.

MTM campaigns give you the power to reach out to prospects in a number of ways, via a number of channels (traditional and digital) and on a personalised and automated basis.

Clever use of compelling and continuous communications develops strong customer relationships. Multi-touch marketing allows you to layer your messaging. It gives your audience the ability to access your content on their terms. Furthermore, it enables you to nurture prospects based on preferences and previous behaviours, delivering personalised, relevant messaging.

Imagine your customers on a buying journey and create activities and touch points that will interact with them on that journey to stimulate action and cause people to buy. Automated, customisable multi-touch campaigns maximize effectiveness, enabling you to act in a customer-centric way and to reinforce your brand and messaging.

How does it work?

A simple example of a multi-touch campaign would be as detailed below. However, you can add as many levels and touchpoints as your campaign requires. This flexibility and workability is the beauty of MTM.

Key Steps to a Successful MTM Campaign

Your campaigns should focus on getting the following elements in place to maximise ROI; onboarding, engagement, nurturing, measuring.


Decide on your audience

  • Building the right target audience through accurate segmentation is vital

  • Using segmentation will target and focus your activity

  • Segmentation makes messages relevant and, consequently, helps to prevent over-messaging, meaning your communications remain personal to your audience.


Develop a strong offering

  • Ensure it is something of value that will create an incentive for your prospects to contact you

  • Use a blend of awareness and engagement communications to maximise the exposure of your campaign messaging

Choose the media that will work best

  • Build awareness


Nurture your prospects along the sales funnel and into the qualification process with personalised, targeted follow-up emails.

  • Respond to their interactions with your communications

  • Target all follow up communications based on interactions

  • Be customer-centric

Automate your marketing to ensure you target prospects with the right messages at the right time to build brand trust, brand loyalty and sales opportunities


  • Real-time, automated analysis and monitoring allows you to adapt and react to campaign trends and visitor interactions

  • Don’t miss out on the traffic hitting your website and landing pages from social media and other untraceable sources; use an analytics tool to monitor traffic

  • Profile companies and contacts, and feed them directly into your campaign communications flow, thus further increasing your nurturing pool.

What can MTM achieve?

Multi-touch marketing helps create brand awareness, brand loyalty and provides qualified sales opportunities. MTM is one of the most effective ways to increase awareness for your business and bring in more sales. It’s also a great way to experiment with different marketing techniques and see what brings your business the greatest response.


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