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  • Helen Pritchett

Outsource your marketing for better sales performance

Outsourcing your marketing for better sales performance might not be your first instinct. After all, you have a marketing team in house which is delivering on its objectives but does it contain the requisite skills and abilities to grow your business to help you achieve your strategic goals? Have you taken an objective look at what skills you really do have in house and what benefits outsourcing to a third-party agency could bring? This blog intends to clarify some of these benefits.

Firstly, what is outsourced marketing? It’s quite simple; it is the process of handing over your marketing requirements to a third-party. Outsourced marketing can either be used in conjunction with your in-house team, or it can completely replace the need for such a resource.

Outsourced marketing can be beneficial for any business that needs help in creating, developing, and executing marketing activities that will support them in finding and connecting with their target audience. This process is not for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced. It takes time, skill and expertise. Some of these things might be lacking in your company, particularly if it’s a start up or a small organisation. In such instances, outsourcing to an expert marketing agency could be the solution your business needs. You might decide to hand all marketing activities over, or you may choose to request assistance on certain elements which may include:

  • Content strategy

  • Content creation

  • Marketing strategy

  • Email and social media marketing

  • Website design and development

  • Graphic design and branding

  • Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads and Pay Per Click

Choosing the right outsourced partner to work with can bring remarkable results. Outsourcing your marketing can provide you with a dedicated marketing team for a fraction of the cost of your in-house team. It can be a stretch to find the right staff with the right skills and to fund the right number of heads to stack in internal team to provide the right results. Choosing a marketing agency to partner with gives you access to a multi-skilled team focused on delivering on your objectives to an agreed strategic plan and frees up resources to apply to other areas.

Your chosen partner agency will work alongside you to create a strategy that will help you meet your corporate and strategic aims; ensuring they understand your business goals, assess any existing marketing activities and understanding where they can add value to get the very best plan in place.

Your chosen outsourced agency will then implement the planned activity, measuring its effectiveness and reporting on the results at agreed intervals. Regular meetings with the outsourced team will ensure that the strategy is dynamic and can be amended, if necessary, to reflect changes in the commercial environment.

CPB offers a range of specialist marketing services for the IT channel. CPB helps IT vendor clients by creating and enhancing their identity and brand, helping them adopt and implement new ideas and activities which modernise and elevate their marketing. We provide the following marketing support services which help clients aim, implement and modernise:

  1. Partner Recruitment: helping to accelerate sales with the right channel partners; recruiting technology partners that are the right fit for you

  2. Partner & Vendor Marketing Programmes: creating engaging marketing campaigns targeting either IT end users or IT channel audiences

  3. Funded Head Service: offering strategic support and covering time consuming administration and support tasks, including: lead generation, pre-sales support and ROI reporting, inbound marketing, or CRM management

  4. Platforms & Software: simplifying and automating the generation and management of sales leads using Sales Lead Manager – a powerful tool which supports strategic marketing objectives by helping you nurture, track and report on sales leads

If this blog has made you think a little about whether you should consider outsourcing, we have achieved our objective. Just remember, you are not giving away the crown jewels … a good partner agency won’t detract from your ability to succeed, it will work seamlessly alongside your organisation focusing on your specific delivery needs. Outsourcing delivers on many elements, not just cost-efficiencies. Yes, it provides value but it also provides speed and ease as well as access to skills, experience and creativity that brings results.


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