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Get Ahead for 2023

Let us start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

We look forward to 2023 being a year of innovation, aspiration, and development, leading to a profitable and successful period of growth. For many of you, January is a busy month, full of kick off and strategy meetings. These, whilst crucial, take up much of your precious head space during a month which could be make or break in terms of deciding on approaches to take and partners to work with to help create demand and build pipeline.

Pipeline doesn’t build itself. It takes months, sometimes years, of continuous, committed, and determined relationship building to develop the type of bond that converts top of funnel prospects to bottom of funnel opportunities. The sales cycle is lengthy and protracted. It is a necessary evil, but you can subvert it to an extent by clever marketing techniques and expert use of digital and telemarketing and data. Think data - data-driven marketing is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign.

Think multi-touch - combine telemarketing with digital marketing to gain broader coverage and target prospects at regular touchpoints. Think laterally - use the best data with creative marketing activities to deliver compelling campaigns to build pipeline through multi-touch marketing.

If you are destined to be out of the office at events and meetings this month, don't neglect your targets and the need to focus on developing and delivering winning campaigns throughout Q1. Get ahead for 2023 by using everything at your disposal now to get a head start. Whilst others are having another pina colada at their kick off in Miami, you could be collaborating with us to get your campaigns off to a flying start. Oh, and by the way, engaging with CPB means you actually can be enjoying that cheeky

pina colada with colleagues. CPB will do the hard work for you so you can reap the benefits. It's what we do.

A few top tips for growing your business in 2023:

  1. Understand your marketplace

  2. Undertake competitor analysis

  3. Keep up with consumer trends

  4. Leverage personalisation

  5. Invest in emerging technology to stay ahead of the curve

  6. Audit your website and collateral – stay relevant and compelling

  7. Create thought leadership content – be the expert in your field

  8. Consider 2022, reflect, review and adapt where necessary

For proactive marketing, engage and collaborate with a partner that has expert knowledge, longevity in its field and a proactive approach to modern marketing methods. Accept that the marketplace is saturated and that to reach the right target audience with relevant messaging you need to use every tool in the box. Share experiences and insights to help other benefit from your knowledge. And don’t forget to look outside the box; if you don’t have the skills in house, research and discover agencies that can help you achieve your objectives by supporting your 2023 plan.

Working in partnership to outsource your digital and telemarketing frees you up to take on the bigger, more complex strategising you are employed to do.

Building pipeline is hard work, but done right it can reap huge dividends. Take time this month to have the conversations with the right people that will take your marketing to the next level and help you build pipeline that will smash this year’s targets, leaving you to sip that Pina Colada in peace.

Make a difference in 2023

  • Subvert the traditional sales calendar and cycle

  • Don't waste January head space

  • Make the best of 2022 the worst of 2023!

  • Get ahead building pipeline today

  • Commence demand creation NOW

Author Bio: Polina Cook is ​Business Development Director at CPB UK Ltd, a specialist marketing services agency focused on the IT industry. For almost 30 years CPB has been passionate about IT marketing, initially via telemarketing and now also embracing the digital marketing era. Polina has been with the company for 16 years and has supported many organisations in creating and delivering compelling marketing campaigns; providing IT-centric knowledge and accurate contact data to ensure marketing activities meet the right target audience. Polina and the team at CPB live and breathe lead generation and work by the motto ‘Causing People to Buy’.


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