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New creative partners to drive sales success

CPB UK Ltd is delighted to announce a new, game-changing collaboration with channel creative agency Purechannels, adding a crucial string to our multi-touch marketing services bow. From now on, your CPB marketing campaigns can blend best-in-class IT industry data intelligence and lead generation with award-winning creative services.

CPB is well known for its lead generation expertise, combining telemarketing and data with digital marketing to offer customers a broad range of multi-touch marketing services. Our partnership with Purechannels is designed to take your lead generation potential to the next level. It’s a terrific opportunity to benefit from two industry leading companies working in tandem for the greater good of their customers. We have a shared dedication to driving value and a shared commitment to putting our customers first, which means we work in perfect harmony to create a substantial impact for your business.

We’re already proud to say our customers choose to work with CPB on their marketing campaigns for access to our leading IT industry database, ProspectaBase, and top-quality lead generation services. Combined with Purechannels’ history of channel excellence, marketing and creative services, project management skills and industry expertise, this is a powerful and complete solution.

The close working relationship between our companies ensures timelines are adhered to, processes are followed, and the results are exceptional. Put simply, we take the stress out of creative digital marketing and lead generation.

Drive ales Success with Channel Focused Creative

Working in collaboration with Purechannels’ creative expertise means CPB can now be your one stop shop for data, mass digital marketing, lead scoring, and telemarketing as well as creative services. Not only that, providing a single point of contact for your marketing needs confers the many and varied benefits of an

integrated agency approach.

Purechannels’ range of marketing and creative services neatly support CPB’s multi-touch marketing, eMarketing and TechKnow.Online offerings. Purechannels will support CPB clients with:

  • HTML design

  • Whitepaper creation

  • Infographic creation

  • Social banners

  • Social advertising

  • Ad banner design

  • Copywriting

Purechannels’ team of in-house creatives (including copywriters, designers, animators, frontend developers, and digital marketers) are backed by solid and professional account and project management expertise. This expertise, combined with using CPB’s target data for your campaigns, helps drive awareness across a wide range of media, educating

your prospects and progressing them through the buying cycle quickly and efficiently.

Why has CPB UK Ltd joined forces with Purechannels?

It’s simple really. Purechannels is an award-winning channel-only agency, providing strategic sales, marketing and creative to some of the world’s biggest and most recognisable vendors, distributors, and partners. With every employee 100% focused everything it does leads to positive ROI and increased revenue. Like CPB, Purechannels knows the channel and knows what works. Furthermore, Purechannels and CPB share the same values: irrespective of task, timescale or budget, our joint approach is to be highly responsive, flexible, and straight-talking, whilst delivering industry leading output that delivers results.

It's not just a good match, it’s a superb match. We challenge you to take a look at our B2B marketing services and not find something that floats your boat. We add value, we add expertise, we add confidence, and we deliver results.

Talk to CPB for more information about our marketing and creative services or visit Purechannels.


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