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TechKnow.Online - What You Should Know, and Why

We make no bones about the fact this is going to be a self-promoting blog. Why? Because a) we wholeheartedly believe that this service will benefit your business and b) occasionally it's ok to blow your own trumpet. As a marketing agency that lives and breathes helping its clients gain wider reach and exposure, it would be wrong not to bring the many benefits of TechKnow (TKO) to your attention.

What is TechKnow?

TechKnow is an IT industry online news publication that offers independent news, insights, and views. Distributed to a readership base of 180,000+ contacts, its diverse audience spans the spectrum of the UK IT market. Keeping recipients up to date with all the best bits, bytes, and announcements in the IT world, it’s a ‘go to’ tool for anyone involved in IT who needs to access technology news and publications.

TKO has an associated eNewsletter, which targets a readership base of 180,000 emailable contacts every fortnight. Working in parallel with the TKO website it contains the top stories, latest IT updates and featured articles/adverts delivered straight to its readers’ mailboxes.

TechKnow customers capitalise on this reach by utilising its advertising opportunities. Adverts, white paper syndication and advertorials, to complement the focus of their current marketing campaigns, are available to book on both the website and in the eNewsletter.

What Benefits Can TechKnow Bring to Your Marketing Campaign?

TKO gives you the advantage of getting your message out to the masses and reaching audiences you might miss when you do a focused, targeted campaign.

Furthermore, with granular analytical tools behind each delivery, the key benefits of TKO are not to just reach the masses but also to see which business verticals, size of organisations and buying personas are engaging with your brand or value proposition. Each Techknow.Online campaign is complemented with in-depth intelligent reporting, tracking and analysis.

Add in the Purechannels Factor

TKO’s parent company CPB’s new collaboration with award-winning creative agency Purechannels means that not only can you have access to a huge IT focused and engaged readership, but your TKO campaign can hit them with inspirational, unique, and highly creative content, designed to show off your products and services in the very best way.

Your TKO marketing campaigns will blend best-in-class IT industry data intelligence and lead generation with award-winning creative services giving you the best chance possible of securing ROI. The partnership with Purechannels is designed to take your lead generation potential to the next level. It is a terrific opportunity to benefit from industry leading companies working in tandem for the greater good of their customers. We have a shared dedication to driving value and a shared commitment to putting our customers first, which means we work in perfect harmony to create a substantial impact for your business.

TKO Benefits Include:

  • Mass readership of 160,000+ contacts

  • Granular analytics & market trends to define engagement

  • Publication working in parallel with the UK’s IT leading database, ProspectaBase

  • Generation of all-encompassing digital leads incl. full company and contact credentials, touch points and IT installation intelligence

  • Digital advertising combined with social activity to reinforce branding and messaging

TKO Campaigns enable you to:

  • Access contacts that have typically been outside your target reach

  • Identify who your brand and value proposition resonates with to allowing for intelligent business planning & marketing strategy

  • Relay your message to a cleansed, up – to – date and intelligence rich audience

  • Feed your sales team and bolster integrated marketing campaigns with warm digital leads

  • Gather engagement and responses across digital and social platforms

TKO Reporting and Analysis

The TechKnow.Online team will provide you with regular reports on campaign activity, including full statistics on the number of dispatches, successful deliveries, email views, total clicks, social impressions, and emails viewed compared with delivered. This sort of data is vital in helping you plan future campaigns.

What is the TKO Bottom Line?

To sum up, TKO adverts reach over 30 business verticals, spanning the entire UK market, and buying personas from all business departments.

A well-planned TKO campaign, using compelling creative content and linked with relevant news stories, is proven to provide better clicks and views and therefore build pipeline and ROI for your products and services.

For more information, and to download the media pack, click here.


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