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  • Helen Pritchett

No Limits Demand Creation; a beginner’s guide

At CPB UK, we believe there are 8 core areas of demand creation; these are the tenets upon which we build our business and create demand for our customers’ businesses. Our model is to create unique demand creation strategies for each customer, aimed at identifying and delivering upon their specific business needs through programmes which generate leads.

There are many tactics deployed in demand creation, these include: web insights, inbound marketing, content marketing, social media engagement, lead nurturing, lead scoring, measuring and optimization and sales and marketing alignment. CPB focuses on 8 core areas of demand creation, and consequently, supports dozens of clients in their lead generation quest.

Data intelligence: we use ProspectaBase to access end user data intelligence for the IT industry, creating bespoke, targeted lists for personalised marketing campaigns. Data-driven marketing is designed to accelerate end user focused marketing and sales strategies; ProspectaBase data allows you to send personalised content and timely, targeted messaging to your prospects. The right contact data will help you build trust and brand loyalty. Data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to nurture prospects from top to bottom of funnel.

Multi-touch marketing: MTM results in highly successful campaigns, creating brand awareness, brand loyalty and delivering qualified sales opportunities. Use it to target your audience with consistent, layered brand messaging across a range of platforms and touch points. Automated, customisable multi-touch campaigns enable you to act in a customer-centric way and clever use of compelling and continuous communications develops strong customer relationships. Multi-touch marketing gives your audience the ability to access your content on their terms. Furthermore, it enables you to nurture prospects based on preferences and previous behaviours, delivering personalised, relevant messaging.

Digital & social (content): Digital marketing is a method of connecting with and influencing your prospects online and is one of the most powerful elements in your marketing strategy. The dynamics of digital marketing change every day and digital marketers must stay alert, be agile and adaptable. At the heart of this activity is content and you should develop a content marketing strategy that helps your customers learn about your products to inform their purchasing decisions. A significant contributor to digital marketing is eMarketing. An effective email marketing strategy converts prospects into customers and nurtures existing customers. Emails are still one of the most popular forms of business to consumer communication techniques and one big advantage of email marketing is the ability to automate the entire process meaning your chosen agency will be able to deliver the whole package on your behalf.

Telemarketing: Picking up the telephone is still one of the most effective lead generation tools in specialist technology telemarketing. Telemarketing makes a significant impact and is a vital component of an integrated solution. Specialist technology telemarketing agencies tend to use an account-based marketing approach to provide clients with expertly delivered demand creation campaigns. To win new customers you need a unique differentiator. Talking to prospects is the best way to discover exactly how you can meet their needs. It’s not just about content, it’s about conversation. ​Speaking to qualified contacts enables you to nurture prospects through the sales funnel quickly and proactively, resulting in rapid pipeline results.

Event promotion: Events and webinars provide a beneficial environment for establishing business relationships and to promote new products and services. Events are an investment; you need to ensure your event is marketed effectively and to the right audience. Activities to reach your target audience must be innovative, ensure your agency knows all about how to position and promote IT events to an engaged end-user audience.

Account-based marketing: ABM encourages action and generates leads. This profile-based approach requires sales and marketing functions to work together on the same list of target accounts, focusing energy and resources into these accounts to provide synergy and better alignment. Customers benefit from a personalised approach and tailored messaging. Using ABM provides customers with expertly delivered, bespoke lead generation campaigns, saving time and resources.

Market research: Technology research and development is crucial for bench-marking your activities and products against your competitors but also for defining your target audience and unearthing their preferences. Undertake surveys, market research, database development and audience profiling either through traditional telemarketing or our online system to develop a detailed understanding of your marketing and your customers and prospects. Talk to the right people and discover what they really think and want, providing you with valuable information to inform your future strategies, product development and company direction.

Software solutions: Feeding sales teams with new sales opportunities is an ongoing task. You must gather and then manage the flow of leads, track the source, ensure streamlined follow up and measure ROI. From segmenting data to making calls that count, from booking sales appointments to maximising event attendance and from reporting on your data to enabling impressive ROI, make sure you have a software solution for complete lead generation package at your disposal. The right software solutions streamline internal processes for sales lead generation and management allowing your team to get on with finding and nurturing customers.

No limits demand creation

There’s no specific formula for success. Every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to deliver campaigns that will connect them to their audience. From strategy to implementation, always ensure you work with experts who know the market and how to get the very best out of it for you.

​Successful demand creation requires focused lead generation activities and a comprehensive range of marketing solutions. Account-based demand creation can be developed to suit your specific needs and requirements, delivering personalised, targeted campaigns.

​Targeted marketing is central to any successful demand creation activity. It enables clients to access their audience by creating an initial contact and delivering qualified leads.

​Data-driven campaigns are the core of any modern marketing. Data combined with marketing automation supports and delivers interactions with prospects at all stages of the buying journey. Personalised and relevant content delivered directly to your target audience will develop and nurture ongoing and beneficial relationships. Capitalise on the right data to target the right people at the right time with the right information.

In conclusion

If you can’t create demand for your products, you won’t win any new customers, and your business won’t thrive. As with any successful sales and marketing activity, it’s vital to know your audience Make it your primary goal to understand them fully, inside and out. Appreciate their needs and challenges, and clearly communicate the solutions you can offer to address these. This goes back to getting the right message to the right people at the right time for proven demand creation and lead generation success. Good luck!


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